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Service Title: Medical Advisory Services-Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV

Estimated Period of Performance: March 15, 2018 -March 14, 2023

Place of Performance: Namibia

Embassy Access and Security Level: Level 5

Service Objectives:

Through the existing CoAgs listed in Section C.1, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

(PEPFAR) / Namibia Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Advisor provides

high-quality technical assistance to the United States Government (USG) PEPFAR country team, the

Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), technical workgroups, implementing partners, and

Government of Namibia counterparts to ensure that the portfolio of program activities contributes to

the national HIV/AIDS strategic goals and targets. Through existing CoAgs listed in Section C.1, the

technical advisor assists MoHSS move toward the elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of

HIV, continuous improvement of HIV care, life-long treatment services and prevention of HIV among

mothers and their HIV exposed infants. Technical Advisor will also provide technical assistance to

the MoHSS and the PEPFAR Namibia Team for primary health care activities that improve Maternal

and Child Health.

A.1 Task Requirements (Description of Tasks):

Through existing CoAgs listed in Section C.1, the Technical Advisor for Preventing Mother To Child

Transmission of HIV works in partnership with Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS),

Directorate of Special Programmes (DSP), and CDC Namibia to implement HIV/AIDS services within

the public health sector. In addition, the incumbent serves as the technical expert in Preventing Mother

To Child Transmission of HIV to establish priorities, policies and targeted strategic plans. The

following activities serve as the primary focus of activities for the incumbent:

Leadership and Technical Assistance

A.1.1 Serves as a technical expert to senior and mid-level host government ministry officials, Global

Fund partners, international and non-governmental organizations to coordinate outreach that raises

awareness among civic and social organizations of HIV/AIDS issues and prevention programs


A.1.2 Provides technical assistance to ensure that PMTCT and primary health care activities are based

on the latest, relevant science and that scientific knowledge is translated into guidelines, practices and

program change.

A.1.3 Collaborates with external organizations engaged in related public health programs to

adopt appropriate strategies for their program activities.

A.1.4 Supports the development of specific agency program goals and objectives for PMTCT and

related health care initiatives. Incumbent prepares directives, memoranda, policy statements and

proposals to introduce new initiatives and to recommend effective operations consistent with strategic

objectives of the USG, CDC and MOHSS.

A.1.5 Ensures that agency PMTCT-supported activities conform to international and national guidelines

and agency technical strategies concerning all aspects of PMTCT, including integration of PMTCT

within existing public health programs, including Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Reproductive

Health services; ensures integration of PMTCT services in maternity settings, and the promotion of a

family-based approach to service provision.

A.1.6 Fosters collaborative working relationships with the United Nations organizations such as UNICEF,

WHO, UNFPA, UNAIDS and other international organizations working in Namibia.

Strategic Planning, Program Management, and Evaluation

A.2.1 Plans, coordinates, organizes, implements, and evaluates CDC Namibia public health program

activities for PMTCT and assist in the development of the country operational plan (COP).

A.2.2 Serves as a consultant and advisor to host government and other national and international incountry

partners in matters related to national activities aimed at preventing mother-to-child

transmission of HIV

A.2.3 Enhances collaboration between PMTCT and other relevant technical areas. These include

but are not limited to: care and treatment (adult and pediatric), nutrition, laboratory, family planning

and HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) to ensure that collaborative service delivery networks

include PMTCT.

A.2.4 Ensures data integrity and security of information specific to PMTCT data collection that

may relate to HIV/AIDS infection (particularly as related to named individuals).

A.2.5 Works closely with CDC Namibia and MOHSS monitoring and evaluation staff to develop

and implement evaluation of PMTCT services and to ensure that all necessary PEPFAR reporting

with regards to PMTCT and EID indicators is complete, on time, and of highest quality.

A.2.6 In collaboration with CDC-technical leads and program managers in each partner organization,

conduct site visits to monitor progress, outcome, and impact of HIV/AIDS activities; identify

implementation achievements and challenges; and initiates appropriate actions in consultation with the

Ministry of Health, implementing partners, and his/her supervisor.

Staffing and Training

A.3.1 Collaborates with the MoHSS and other associated ministries, obstetrics and gynecological

hospitals, and provincial public health officials in developing health educational materials including

pamphlets, brochures, and videos designed to raise awareness and foster increasing interest among

women in participating in the PMTCT and related primary health care programs.

A.3.2 Responds to requests from NGOs, health care organizations and medical professionals for

information and technical assistance on public health strategies for AIDS programmes and related

public health care strategies and facilitates formal training within this context at the national and

regional level.

Advocacy and the Dissemination of PMTCT Information

A.4.1 Leads the dissemination of updated information on prevention measures for mother-to-child

transmission by conducting informational briefings, facilitating regular seminars and symposia for

staff, health care providers, and collaborators on PMTCT programs.

A.4.2 Provides regular and frequent oral and written reports to the country director, inter-agency USG

committees and other interested parties on the progress of specific PMTCT and related program activities

A.4.3 Summarizes, and writes up findings of research and other PMTCT program findings to be used

for reports, proposals, publications and presentations at national and international meetings.

A.4.4 Provides advice and recommendations to chief of section and other agencies

A.4.5 Provides advice and recommendations to chiefs of sections and other agency officials in

interpreting data on health objectives and indicators related to HIV/AIDS, PMTCT and other public

health programs.

A.4.6 Completes special projects as assigned.

A. 2 Task Deliverables:

Progress Report A.1.1 – A.4.6 COR End of every month

Data for Country Operational Plan

A.2.1 COR No later than March 15th


Training on Preventing Mother To Child Transmission of HIV latest best practices and research

A.3.1 – A.3.2 COR Semi-annually as required Activity Report A.1.1 – A.1.5 COR 10 days

following each quarter Final Project Report A.4.6 COR 10 days following completion of project

A.3 Travel Amount

1 trip to USA for an estimated 7 days.

5 trips in country for an estimated 91 days.

3 trips to African countries for an estimated 21 days.

Travel needs during option periods will be evaluated at the time of task order renewal.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:

a. Medical Degree from accredited institutions and 5 years of HIV/AIDs programmatic

experience at country level with progressive responsibilities

b. 5 or more years’ experience with international organization providing technical assistance

to multiple countries including countries in Southern or Eastern Africa.

c. Willingness and Ability to effectively communicate in English (Reading, Writing, and

Speaking) on a daily basis. r

How to apply:

Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to [email protected]

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