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Africa Reproductive Health Initiative (AFRHI)

"For me, AFRHI stands for two things. The first is hope. Hope for a brighter future for all young people, especially those living in poverty. I can honestly say that after 20 years working at AFRHI, I have never given up hope that we can, and should, dream of a better tomorrow. A better future where we achieve universal access to modern contraception, where girls and women can plan and time the birth of the children, where diseases of poverty are a thing of the past, and where all young people can realise their full potential.
The second thing that AFRHI stands for is action. We are not just wishful thinkers, we are change-makers! Every employee at AFRHI plays a vital role in helping to achieve the future we are aiming for and we have achieved very impressive results over the years.In Europe and North America, AFHRI’s influence is instrumental for strengthening public, private, and political support, and in mobilizing increased resources for Official Development Assistance. At the EU level, AFRHI’s close collaboration with the EU institutions has positioned the AFRHI EU office as a key expert on global health R&D in mobilizing support for increased global health investments. Also, in east Africa, AFRHI is a force to be reckoned with as we continue to push boundaries for family planning and ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people in Northern, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern Africa regions.
Although we have achieved so much, I honestly feel we are just getting started. There is still much to do, but as we enter a new period of growth and development in AFRHI, we are as passionate as ever that we can fully accomplish the goals we have set out. I hope you will stand with us as we continue to aim high and achieve the type of future that we all deserve."
Katherine Rohlinger, Executive Director
Working with women and youth for a better future in  Africa
AFRHI’s Working Together for Decent Work in Africa  project is an excellent example of how an integrated approach can be adopted to address the needs of vulnerable populations. This EU funded three-year programme (2011 to 2014), worked to improve the health and livelihoods of those excluded from the formal labour market, especially women and youth. By empowering individuals, supporting informed decision-making, and promoting innovative and successful approaches, the project worked to ensure decent work, social protection and inclusion for all members of society in East  and Central Africa.
Advancing funding and commitments to eliminate diseases of poverty!
Each day diseases such as HIV, malaria, TB, as well as many other neglected tropical diseases, cause misery and suffering to millions of people worldwide. These awful diseases rob the futures of millions of young people. They have disastrous consequences on families, communities and nations. They are responsible for holding back huge numbers of people across the world from fulfilling their potential.
AFRHI recognises the urgent need for improvements to global health. The world has committed to ending HIV & AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by 2030, and if we are to achieve this, we need to make sure that global health is at the core of the international development agenda.
With the limited progress on achieving international health targets, and the increasing threat of new and deadly infectious disease outbreaks, we are also working hard with partners to secure increased political and financial investment in research and development for global health innovation.
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