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Arid Lands Development Focus Kenya

Arid Lands Development Focus Kenya (ALDEF Kenya) traces its origin to 1989 when a group of professionals from Northern Kenya came together to form Wajir Volunteer Group (WVG). The aim of the WVG was to mobilize resources to respond to the emergency needs of families affected by the recurrent drought. The main targets were the vulnerable members in the community including displaced pastoralist families, the aged and lactating and pregnant women. It was for this purpose that WVG established therapeutic feeding centres in Wagberi and Elnur, the first ever facilities of this kind in the region.

Over time, the work of WVG expanded in scope and size. In order to reflect this growth, WVG changed its name to Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF) in 1999 and registered as an NGO in September of the same year. In 2005 ALDEF was renamed as Arid Lands Development Focus -Kenya (ALDEF K).

ALDEF K now addresses a number of issues that affect pastoralist communities within the following thematic areas; Humanitarian Emergency, Livelihood development, Governance and Advocacy and Capacity Building. ALDEF Kenya has also expanded its area of coverage in Northern Kenya and the neighbouring Somalia.

ALDEF Kenya has been able to develop and implement its programs through the financial and technical support from a variety of donors including; Oxfam GB, WFP, UNDP, UN Women, The Waterloo Foundation, EU, the Finnish Embassy and AJWS. Results from these programs have been mixed but largely successful.

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