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First Period-Tearce: Opportunities for implementation of projects

As many find that Tearce for years has been a common place for many people who have been living for many years, but as a result of the liberal spirit that has influenced for many other citizens has provided the opportunity to live and participate in general developments in the village. It is not coincidence that in Tearce lives people from over 10 villages of the region of Macedonia and Kosovo territories.

This diversity of indigenous cultures and of a large part of the population has always been incentives for everyone to try as much to promote positive values that contribute to life in these areas resemble a small town, where everybody finds itself. After the conflict crisis in 2001, Tearce labeled as the place where most of the leaders of local organizations will be able to implement projects aimed at the introduction of inter-ethnic cooperation that despite the conflict of 2001, residents were able to maintain positive reports generated with years. Among the projects that contributed to the creation of a critical mass which later independently could continue were Babylon project (CBC LOJA), Dance theater group (Kurve Wustrow, Germany), Training of Trainers (Children's Theatre Centre , Skopje), Open Cinema (Center for Contemporary Arts, Skopje) and ECAP project with a greater intensity that took place from 2005-2006.

Second Period: Establishment of NGO Centre for Education and Development (CED)

For the realization of any project, the main need in addition to financial resources is also various human capacities. In all the above projects were activities directly carrier local activist, who through hard work and work directly on the youth and people were able to take advantage of an experience, but at the same time the authority in the surrounding area as a group through various activities contributing to the improvement of educational and cultural situation in the village. Being aware that every project has as its main objective "So what After?", So as to continue the project after the departure of a donor, with the initiative of Metin Muaremi, Mensure Ilazi, Xhemal Qamili, Dijana Petrovska and Alije Maliki decided on 20 December 2006 establishing the organization CED, so to become legal institution being aware of the challenges that will be faced in a country where there are over 8000 registered NGOs.

Third period: "The opportunities are there where you find, and not where they are to you find"

After its founding CED NGOs continues with various activities in order to organize various cultural events, events to promote the rights of children, various trainings for teachers and youth workers who will be able to work on new methods in the educational process as well as through various creative workshops. The organization believes that only through cooperation of all key institutions operating in the region, but also all residents can assist in creating a more developed living environment for all who live in the region.

Most of the projects that have been implemented have been supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme, Pro Helvetia, the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the most recent donor activities for Children Foundation Pestaloci, Switzerland.

Aiming to be a serious organization, the project Proactive, CED leaders decided to create a Strategic Plan for the next three years, by which organizations identify its areas of operation, mission, vision and strategic directions. Centre for Education and Development (CED) operates in the region of the Municipality of Tearce, as a result of the needs of the communities living in the region of Lower Polog. Marks a significant increase organization and its service offerings each day rites, as both as a target group of young people aged 12 to 28 years who are not satisfied with the current situation and who want to promote change in society, and to achieve its goals in activities always include young people, teachers, parents, government leaders and leaders of other organizations.


As a result of numerous activities and projects from 2009, CED is a member of the network organizations such as:

- Member of National Youth Council of Republic of Macedonia (

- Founder of the platform “Sharra’s Friend” supported by Macedonian Ecological Society

- Member of Culture in Rural Areas Project (Swiss program for the Western Balkans)

- Member of the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA

- Member of the Alliance for the Lifelong education (AZHAM)

- Member of the MOF

- Partner of Foundation Pestaloci for the realization of exchanges in Macedonia

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