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Childline Kenya's mission is to promote children's rights and enhance child protection in Kenya by delivering quality services through harnessing the power of ICT innovations. The organisation was established in 2004 with a remit to provide a 24-hour toll-free helpline for counselling and referral services to children, young persons and their families. We have since added chat and email counselling to our services and have developed a broad portfolio of outreach and educational projects. By offering a communication channel to children in distress, Childline Kenya aspires to become an organisation that not only extends support and sanctuary to victims of abuse, but one that adds weight to the message that crimes against children will not go unchallenged. To this end, we work with a network of members and partners from across the child welfare and children's rights community to offer the full spectrum of support and advice. Our vision is a society where every child is heard and children's rights and dignity are upheld at all times. The work of Childline Kenya is based on our core values of commitment, courage of conviction, integrity, competence, reliability and action.


Childline Kenya currently conducts 4 core programmes: 1. Childline 116 - Ending the Silence on Child Abuse This programme focuses on the strengthening of child protection initiatives, services and systems in Kenya. This entails enhancing of the child helpline 116 efficiency, diversification of Childline Kenya's scope of child protection services using ICT, and development of an efficient and effective response system. 2. Child Empowerment and Safety - Know Your Rights Through conferences, peer education programmes, and school and media outreach projects, Childline Kenya aims to empower children and provide them with unique opportunities to participate in their own growth and development without fear or inhibition. 3. Learning, Research and Action Childline Kenya's research aims to gather new information, enable a continuous analysis and good understanding of the current child protection needs, and inform new changes that can confer maximum benefits to existing programmes. This helps to ensure that Childline Kenya's programmes continue to be relevant to children's needs and aspirations. 4. Organisational Development For Childline Kenya to be recognised as an authority in child protection, it is important to invest in its management, resource mobilisation and development of policies for institutional growth. As part of this programme, we also develop strategic partnerships, support capacity building of partners and join networks and alliances in the child protection sector.

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