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Founded in 2009, our vision is to instil a sense of grit, purpose, determination and 21st century skills, into large numbers of young leaders through our unique peer-on-peer leadership model. This is with the goal of them becoming self-motivated, work-ready and highly employable.

Recognizing the fact that South African youth are for the most part not living up to their potential, Columba leadership, in close association with the Department of Education, runs dynamic leadership programmes at schools located in economically disadvantaged areas in six provinces around the country.

Youth engagement in school transformational projects over the course of the programme help develop 21st century marketable skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, personal mastery, resilience and of course, leadership.Life-changing competencies are developed and acquired through contextual, practical projects which provide the foundation that assists learners in realizing a sense of purpose that will help them succeed in the next stage of their lives; be it further education, starting their own enterprise or in the work place.Columba Leadership’s unique, proven, values-based model has started a movement that can be measured by its results. It has created environments more conducive to teaching and learning, produced a groundswell of young people willing, ready and able to take their place in this country’s workforce and, most importantly of all, has fostered hope for a better future for every single South African.

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