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Exponential Education

Non-profit social enterprise empowering great students to help their peers improve their educational prospects in Ghana and around the world.

Our Flagship Program is a Peer to Peer Tutoring (P2P) which aims to combat the 3 major problems with education in Ghana:1) Junior High School students do not receive enough education to continue on to High School. 2) Many High School students have to drop out prematurely because they can not afford to continue to go to school and must start working, and 3) High Schools students that are able to graduate generally do not have enough funds for University.Exponential Education is a unique cascading educational program which tackle all 3 issues within one P2P Program. We do this by hiring 5 brilliant but financially needy tutors, to tutor 25 struggling Junior High School students. They tutor the students twice a week, once in English and once in Math.Exponential Education strives to build community development and alleviate poverty. Expo has introduced Girls Leadership and Boys for Positive Change, which are two after school clubs looking at addressing gender equality and their roles in the community.Expo has also formed a relationship with Level Up Village, bringing STEAM classes to local schools and creating global relationships with schools in the United States.

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