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We exist to create a new normal with and for girls.

When a girl has self-belief and is supported by her family and community; when she's empowered with skills, ideas and knowledge; when she has access to services, role models and other girls: when she is visible and vocal - she can demand to stay in school, to get healthcare, and to get married and have children when she chooses.

We work with girls and those around them to create active champions of a world in which she reaches her full potential and the cycle of poverty is broken.

The old normal

60 %

of girls in Pakistan rarely or never feel confident to speak and be heard when in the presence of boys and men – Girls Speak Out, Plan International (2015)

84 %

of Ethiopian girls do not attend secondary school – UNICEF (2013)

14 %

of girls aged 15-19 in Ghana are already mothers – Human Rights Advocacy Centre

How we're creating a new normal

Deeply rooted in our theory of change, our unique approach to social norm change uses the latest ideas in media, technology and girl-centred community engagement to challenge discriminatory gender norms and start conversations about how girls are viewed in society.

By connecting with girls in their communities and building confidence in their own potential, we're changing the way millions of people think, feel and act towards girls. Here's how:

1:Locally rooted girl-powered culture brands that inspire girls and inform those around them through drama, journalism and music

2: Interactive technology and real-world safe spaces that connect girls to knowledge and networks that open their world

3:Groundbreaking peer-to-peer mobile research technologies that capture a deeper understanding of girls' realities in real-time

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