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Haki Mashinani

The mission of Haki Mashinani is to legally empower people at the grassroots level in a structural way with the aim of improving their social and economic lives.

We believe that the legal protection provided by having one’s paperwork in order is the basis for any further development (activity) and a prerequisite for peace and democracy.

For instance, Kenya is estimated to have slightly over a million widows. Through our legal workshops HM has had an opportunity to interact with widows from various areas. One thing that majority of these widows have in common is that at one time or another if not throughout their widowhood they have been victims of discrimination and inequality. They have been unlawfully been evicted from their matrimonial homes by in-laws and denied access to their matrimonial property. Worse still majority do not possess the necessary civil documents such as title deeds and death certificates required to defend their property and dignity. Consequently they endure a lot of injustice, unable to pursue their property rights or initiate succession maters. Haki Mashinani steps in to empower this group of women with the knowledge of what the law provides in matters property, succession and inheritance and the procedures involved in abid to make access to justice a reality for these vulnerable women.

Linda of Haki Mashinani conducts a one on one with one of the participants at a widows training in Homabay and Siaya Counties.

Our Vision

Haki Mashinani works towards a society, where everyone lives in dignity, enjoys basic rights and is protected by a social system of justice.

To achieve this vision, Haki Mashinani sets up outlets in those areas of the country where there is a need to integrate marginalized groups of the Kenyan society. HM does this in cooperation with local chiefs, community leaders and other partner organizations that can help to mobilize community members and reach those people who will benefit from our legal services.

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