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Al-Khair Foundation

“Al-Khair Foundation is a UK-based international NGO providing humanitarian support, international development, emergency aid and disaster relief in some of the world’s most deprived areas.”

Al-Khair Foundation was established in 2003 to provide an educational platform for the Muslim community in an Islamic environment. From an initial enrolment of 5 students, the Foundation now operates a mixed Primary as well as separate secondary schools for boys and girls, catering for over 280 students. Our school is regularly oversubscribed for enrolment. Al-Khair School routinely achieves the highest Ofsted accreditation and is currently within the top 3% of Schools nationwide for the quality of its teaching and academic achievement.Since the Foundation's establishment, it has meticulously engaged in charitable work, assisting those who are less fortunate than others. Al-Khair has established overseas Schools for orphans and Shelters for widows and vulnerable women. The Foundation also constructs water wells, making fresh clean drinking water accessible to remote commnities.The 2005 Kashmir Earthquake saw the Foundation engage in its first overseas disaster relief aid mission. Al-Khair Foundation successfully distributed food, medicines, shelter kits and much needed moral support to survivors in difficult and dangerous conditions through its relief teams working in the region. The Foundation has now in place an effective aid mechanism and routinely engages in relief missions around the world. The role Al-Khair played in supporting the victims of the Haiti earthquake was acknowledged by the United Nations.In 2009, Al-Khair Foundation acquired IQRA TV, (free-to-air channel available on SKY 826). In a short period of time, IQRA TV has become established as one of the premier broadcasters of quality Islamic-based programmes. IQRA TV is distributed worldwide to Muslims and Non Muslims alike, with informative and educational programmes such as, IQRA with IQRA, Live with IQ & Questions and Answers.In the summer of 2010, Al-Khair Foundation played a pivotal role in providing emergency relief aid to the flood victims of Pakistan and continues to do so with Al-Khair's many rehabilitation projects and aid operations relating to the re-occurrence of flooding in the region.Coming of age in 2011 as an established aid relief charity, Al-Khair Foundation was awarded "The Most Successful Fundraiser of the Year 2011" by the national charity fundraising platform JustGiving largely due to the funds raised during floods in Pakistan. Along with continuing relief work in Pakistan, 2011 has also seen Al-Khair Foundation's involvement in other international relief work missions including the Japan Earthquake, Feb 2011 in which Al-Khair Foundation was the only UK based Muslim charity working on the ground. Al-Khair Foundation is heavily involved with Aid operations in Africa relating to the current famine in the Horn of Africa region and on going aid operations in the flood areas of Pakistan.The Foundation also provides Hardship and Infrastructure relief going beyond the basic provision of aid, aiming to improve and in many cases the rebuilding of basic public services either non-existent through poverty or destroyed by natural or man-made disasters.At the heart of the Al-Khair Foundation is its responsibility for harnessing and improving community relations and engaging in interfaith dialogue. Al-Khair is well known for its annual conferences where religious leaders and people of any and all faiths are invited to promote understanding, tolerance and harmony.

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