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With a fresh approach, we can build a better world. We create innovative social enterprise products that make people happy. Our groundbreaking Charity Apprentice course will train you for a rewarding career. Our corporate products will make your company a great place to work. We want to make the world better with everything we do.We use the money to fund projects that are tailored to a child’s circumstances and break down barriers to child equality. We are a children’s charity with a holistic approach. We look at a child’s circumstances and address whatever problems are standing in the way of their right to an education and a happy, healthy life. We provide all the things a child needs; food, health services, water, support, a safe place to be. We do what works. (formerly Kenyan Orphan Project) was started in 2001 by 3 medical students at Nottingham University in response to the worsening global problems of poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since then we have been working on health, education and social welfare projects with the aim to fight against poverty, disease, social exclusion and injustice amongst orphans and vulnerable children.The roots of improving the health and lives of children lie not just in medicine but in basic freedoms - from disease and poor sanitation, from improved education and illiteracy, from economic and financial hardship, from gender and social inequality and from oppression and war.We have links in Kisumu in western Kenya where poverty, disease and deprivation levels are about as bad as anywhere in Kenya and our work is focussed at a grass roots, community level in areas beyond the reach of large scale aid.
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Thomas Muirhead - Managing Director Martina Gant - Programme Manager
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