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Farm Awareness For Food Preservation Initiative

FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE is a Non-Governmental Organization founded with the purpose of creating awareness on the need to invest in farming, reaching the grass root farmers and working with them and investors to bring about the desired positive revolution in the Agriculture sector.(FAFPI) is an Initiative which creates awareness on the need to start farming for Global Food Security / Preservation and also encourage preservation and saving culture to reduce post-harvest loss. The main objective is to portray a good image of agriculture and bring people to embrace farming culture. Also we establish a synergy between farmers with Network of Food/ social Security and institution, government bodies,  cooperatives, companies, Association, Clubs etc. in order to establish food security and combat the problems of Hunger (Poverty¬ and job creation) with the cooperative Spirit of sacrifice, selfless service and surrender to the Goodwill of the people (Society) and the true Nature of the  Law using pragmatic approach to solve the problems of the critical areas of the economy.1.2  AIMS AND OBJECTIVE OF FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE (FAFPI)

  • Create awareness for farming and food preservation among citizens to engage in farm production for food sustainability.
  • To bring together all farmers in Nigeria for the purpose of improving farming system.Establish a global Farming / Food preservation culture and Food Security Network among the citizenry.
  • Create wealth and job opportunities for the teaming jobless youths.
  • Reduce  Rural/Urban migration or mass exodus to urban zones.
  • Create financial support system to support farmers and reduce poverty.
  • To promote sustainable development among quail farmers.
  • Deployment of modern farming machines and equipments to the communities through collaboration with development partners.
  • Intensive improvement of Agriculture, community farming and individual approach through training.
  • Engage in Farming and Food preservation Projects, Policing, Regulations, Inspections, Monitoring Enforcement and Supervision of farm processes.
  • Engage in farm/food preservation projects to reduce pose harvest loss.
  • Engage in farmers security and Life/Safety Assurance in farming process.
  • Establish demo Farms Settlement for FAFPI in Rural Communities for Food Preservation / Security.
  • Support the Advocacy for Agricultural transformation to reduce Hunger (Poverty) Terrorism, Unemployment and other unethical conducts or Social Vices with Back2Farm and FAFPI Projects.
  • Organize farm/food preservation cooperatives, conferences, seminars, Monthly technology review meetings etc for development of the Agro industry.
  • Partner to complement the services of Government agriculture agencies and MDAs  Establish FAFPI in all 774 L.G.A’s in Nigeria and abroad.
  • To seek and receive subscriptions, donations and other supports from persons, institutions or Organizations both from home and abroad and use the same for the purposes of the Organization
  • Establish school farm clubs in school to inculcate farming culture to pupils/students.
  • Creates market hub for farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers.
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