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Gruppo di Volontariato Civile

GVC - Civil Volunteer Group , a non-governmental secular, independent, born in Bologna in 1971. He is active in international cooperation with complex strategies of intervention: from ' humanitarian assistance  to populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters to  reconstruction , from  health  to  food security , from  rural development  to ' education , the  protection of women  all' childhood .

In over forty years of GVC activities he has worked all over the world, creating thousands of projects. He also collaborates with public bodies, cultural associations, cooperatives, NGOs  Italian and European organizing seminars, conferences, exhibitions and festivals, workshops in schools and refresher courses for teachers. It produces educational materials for education and carries out communication campaigns on sensitive issues such as differences, human rights, the status of women, sustainable trade, biodiversity.



We want a better world, more fair than what we see every day. We try to contribute to its construction through the respect and promotion of the rights of communities with which we work, with a view to dignity, exchange and reciprocity.


We believe in awareness, the ability of each one, to see the world with new eyes to learn that respect for people and the environment, in North and South strongly linked, after all, is nothing but self-respect.

We work with individuals, social forces, governments and local authorities, so that you can take care of the present and the future, building a culture of autonomy and cooperation to strengthen the independence and freedom of the communities.

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