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Lambano Sanctuary

Lambano is a care and Paediatric Medical Step-down Facility/Hospice facility for children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses.

We provide medical care in a safe environment to children who have been treated in a government hospital but still need a considerable amount of care. Hope in the form of reliable medical care and social support is our currency for each one.

We believe that every child under our care deserves the opportunity to make their contribution as one of the next generation of South Africans.

Founded on the vision of Melanie Prinsloo, Lambano was established in 2001 to help HIV positive children with no hope of living.

Today we provide full-time care for children who live with life limiting and life threatening illnesses at our four Forever Homes. Here we provide daily care to 28 permanent residents aged from 9 to 19 years.

We also have the only Paediatric Medical Step-down Facility/ Hospice in Gauteng, South Africa.

With unwavering dedication and unconditional love, we go to exceptional lengths to secure the best medical treatment for children who come to us from government hospitals in Gauteng and other provinces.

The children that we have cared for may have had virtually no hope for survival, yet 85% of these tiny dependants beat the odds. Proving that there is hope to life with the right, sustainable medical treatment and appropriate emotional and social support.

In 2009, over and above our permanent childcare service we opened the first dedicated Paediatric Medical Step-down Facility/ Hospice in Gauteng.

Our 16-bed facility is run by 20 dedicated, medically trained staff members, a 24/7 on-call team that includes a doctor, Registered, enrolled and auxiliary nurses, social worker, counsellor and supporting team of caregivers.

The Lambano Paediatric Medical Step-down Facility/ Hospice is focused on children who suffer from critical health problems including HIV/TB, renal, cardiac, brain damage, burns, respiratory, genetic defects, neonatal and cancer. Through quality care, treatment and compassionate, loving support, we are able to give these children a good quality of life.

The focus at Lambano extends from provision of care for the child to taking care of all the social needs of their families as well. We have a Home Based Care section that looks after patients after their discharge

As a registered Section 21 Non-Profit Organisation we are governed by a memorandum and articles.

We are accredited 
by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA (HPCA). As such, we are strictly monitored and evaluated in every aspect from financial management and governance to broader quality assurance.

Looking forward Lambano aims to expand its presence in more public hospitals in South Africa. We would also like to take in more private patients whilst at the same time expanding our sustainability project, which is a skills development initiative for patients’ mothers.

Together with our partners at Lambano we work to strengthen every child’s chance to live life.

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