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Land O’Lakes International Development is a nonprofit helping to transform lives through agriculture and enterprise partnerships.

Land O’Lakes International Development is a nonprofit helping to transform lives through agriculture and enterprise partnerships that are enhancing profitability and food security in developing countries around the world. Through 280 programs and trainings in 80 countries since 1981, Land O’Lakes has supported international development efforts to generate economic growth.

Since 1981, Land O’Lakes International Development has applied an integrated approach to international economic development that capitalizes on our parent company’s 95 years as a leading farm-to-market agribusiness. We use our practical experience and in-depth knowledge to facilitate market-driven business solutions that generate economic growth, improve health and nutrition, and alleviate poverty. We believe in the value of people and ensuring our work is rooted in honesty, integrity and respect.As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our vision is to be a global leader in transforming lives by engaging in agriculture and enterprise partnerships that replace poverty with prosperity, and dependency with self-reliance. Since our inception, we have implemented nearly 300 programs and training initiatives in over 80 countries, which have enabled farmers and agribusinesses to become more profitable and to leverage economies of scale through well-functioning cooperatives and producer groups. Funded primarily by USAID and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), our programs not only improve production and food security for small farming operations, but they foster innovation, market linkages, and strengthen the private sector. Ultimately, they make small and growing enterprises in developing countries more attractive for investment, and build consumer demand for agricultural products produced by smallholders.

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