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Living Goods is a non-profit organization operating in Uganda, Kenya, and Myanmar. Its goal is to build a sustainable distribution platform for products designed to fight poverty and disease in the developing world. Living Goods operates networks of independent entrepreneurs who make a living by selling medicines and products to poor people that can help improve their health, wealth, and productivity. Living Goods borrows from successful direct selling models like Avon Products, Amway and Tupperware. The project aims to be fully self-funded at scale.

Living Goods was founded by Chuck Slaughter in 2007

Living Goods focuses on three prevailing problems with health systems in the developing world: 1) the shortage of frontline health workers, 2) the inadequate distribution of basic health products in both the public and private sectors, and 3) the failure of innovations like clean cookstoves and solar lamps to reach scale. It is largely recognized that each of these problems increases in severity at the “last mile” where the need is greatest.

Using a double bottom line business approach, Living Goods aims to:

  • Reduce child mortality by at least 15%
  • Save poor families 20% on basic health products and daily necessities
  • Create incomes for thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Increase access to innovations
  • Scale impact via global replication of the Living Goods direct-selling model
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