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MAMAS Alliance

The Reason Why

The Reality

The difference between 'the haves' and 'the have-nots' is extreme in  South Africa. Despite our wealth of natural resources, over 60% of all South Africans have to survive on as little as R671 (R22,37 a day or less). A further 40% suffers from extreme poverty and cannot afford to pay for the most basic needs. They actually have nothing. their children suffer the consequences. It is for that reason that MAMAS Alliance exists. To overcome this poverty and give South Africa's children and youth a fighting chance!

The Contract of the Slice of Bread

Our MAMAS support and care for children is based on love, loyalty and sustainability They understand that the slice of bread for a toddler who enters the programme means a 15 to 20-year commitment. They do not let go until the child has escaped the vicious cycle of poverty and developed into responsible adults.

No Drop-outs

One of the MAMAS’ key priorities is to reduce the number of school drop-outs by children from disadvantaged families and communities. Over 80% of the children in the MAMAS' target group do not finish school for reasons ranging from health issues, teenage pregnancy, lack of nutrition, lack of school uniforms, lack of after school support, the challenges of their neighbourhoods and having to walk long distances to reach their schools. MAMAS provide all these and other forms of support to ensure that children stay in school.

Special Groups, Special Services

Our MAMAS offer a range of programmes and services children, youth and communities. These range from education, skills development, income generating activities and programmes for those living with disabilities. This is accomplished with tailor-made services, mostly on a shoestring budget, yet always with love, patience and passion.

Child's Rights

Section 28 of our Constitution, clearly outlines that each child has the right to:

  • A name and nationality from birth;
  • A family or parental care, or appropriate alternative care when removed from the family;
    • Basic nutrition, shelter, healthcare services and social services;
    • Protection from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation;
    • Not have their well-being, education, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development placed at risk

Through well-planned, sustainable CSI programmes we can make this vision a reality. Creating an environment where MAMAS can “walk with a child” throughout their life, offering a range of services that empower them to become well-adjusted, economically active, responsible adults within their communities.

Every Child is Our Child

Our MAMAS believe that every child is our child and cannot accept that there should be children without daily meals, clean water, safety and protection and love to grow from to reach their full potential. The MAMAS of South Africa, take this challenge extremely seriously and look for partners that share their vision and enable them to do their work: people and companies like you!

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