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National Early Childhood Development Alliance (NECDA)

NECDA has contributed a great deal to strengthening the ECD sector since its inception in 2005.

Key achievements include the following:

Materials Development
Pursuant to NECDA’s purpose in ensuring all children access quality ECD programmes, the organization undertook a curriculum development project in 2009 to develop a set of ECD materials that were of a high standard with the express purpose to raise the professional standards within the ECD sector and to empower practitioners participating in the qualification. The materials have an emphasis on academic literacy, specifically to lay a strong academic foundation should practitioners wish to study further e.g. level 5 and B Degree. The materials were developed for access by NECDA member organization, the majority of whom provide training and capacity development to the ECD sector.
  • NECDA developed a full set of SETA accredited materials for the following qualification:
    • Further Education & Training Certificate Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4 (ID58761).
  • Each Unit Standard of the materials comprises:
    • Facilitators Guides
    • Learner Guides
    • Assessment Instruments and Tools
Over 20 NECDA member organisations / training providers have accessed these materials and utilized them for the training and development of ECD practitioners. The following criteria was put in place for members wishing to access the materials:
  • Members must be ETDP SETA accredited o Members must have suitably qualified and experienced facilitators
  • Members must attend TOT (training of trainers) to utilize materials
  • NECDA conducted numerous Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions which were compulsory for all members who applied to utilize the materials. These sessions ensured that the high quality of materials would be maintained at the level of implementation.
  • A significant number of ECD practitioners have been trained utilizing these materials.
ECD Policy Engagement
  • National ECD Inter-Sectoral Forum – NECDA Chairperson is the committee chair for non-state sector role players
  • National Integrated ECD Policy – submission of policy position and comments to National DSD as well as inputs into key HR policies that impact the ECD sector.
  • NECDA member organisations & expert members participate in Working Group to develop Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner Level 4 (ID 97542)
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