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Political Economy Southern Africa (PESA)

Political Economy Southern Africa (PESA) is a political economy think tank focused on regional integration in SADC and Africa more broadly. We monitor macroeconomic, industrial and policy developments across the SADC region.

Vision To make the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional integration process and regional political economy universally accessible for different audiences.

Mission To advance knowledge that enhances the developmental impact of regional economic governance in the SADC region by providing meaningful and impactful socioeconomic research, intuitive and accessible analysis, and effective advisory services to influence governance actions in favour of African development. Where development simply means the socioeconomic emancipation of Africans or enhancing the options available for Africans’ life decisions.

PESA Philosophy PESA promotes regional integration as one of the ways to overcome the “triple threat” of unemployment, poverty and inequality in Southern Africa. Regional economic governance plays a vital role in development within Southern Africa. Regional economic communities (RECs) are central to economic growth and development in the region.

At PESA we explore the importance of the institutions, the regional political economy, and trade-offs between regional and national interest in order to fully understand regional integration in SADC and Africa more broadly. Although we focus on SADC, our analysis involves synthesising our broader knowledge of regional institutions across the continent given that many SADC Member States participate in more than one REC.

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