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Sophiatown Community Psychological Services

Our Vision:

Sophiatown Community Psychological Services seeks to contribute to the creation of a society in which emotionally healthy individuals, families and communities are able to work together for the common good of humanity.

Our Mission:

Sophiatown Community Psychological Services strives to provide culturally and socially appropriate forms of psycho-social support to economically disadvantaged individuals, families and communities in distress; to build and strengthen networks of support for vulnerable individuals and families in communities; and to continuously work with others towards social justice and constructive social change.

Our Ethos:

Our ethos is rooted in the belief that individual destinies are inextricably linked to the social, economic and political conditions of the time, and that poverty, social exclusion and marginalization, oppression, persecution, violence, and war impact profoundly on the mental health and emotional well-being of individuals, families and communities. In particular our services and interventions are based on the following assumptions:

  • The distress suffered by people has many causes, and is always related to social, economic and political realities
  • Psychological work is also political work
  • Individual change needs to go hand in hand with working towards an improvement of the social and economic conditions which put the emotional well-being of the individual at risk
  • Improvements in the social and economic conditions of life will have a much greater impact on the functioning of a society if there are also opportunities for psychological healing
  • While our direct interventions are focused on individuals, families and groups, we need to network with other organizations to ensure that the voices of our clients are heard and acted on in the larger society
  • People can provide support and healing to each other
  • The art of healing belongs to ordinary people
  • We are not experts but partners in the healing process
  • The healer is wounded too
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