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St Luke’s Hospice

You’re invited, through our website pages, to learn more about hospice in general, and St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town in particular.

It’s a critical and very frightening moment in the life of any person, and their family, when the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease or chronic degenerative illness is received. In most circumstances, medical treatment will follow if appropriate.

Palliative Care affirms life and its purpose is looking after someone as a ‘whole person’, and not only a physical being. Its objective is to keep the patient free from all distressing symptoms, particularly pain if it is present, so that they have quality of life, and live as actively as possible.  Palliative care neither hastens nor postpones death which is a natural process. Care also supports the patient’s loved ones in every way necessary.

But, should the time come when the patient and family are informed that there is no more treatment available, this is when Palliative Care becomes essential. There’s an unfortunate social misconception that ‘hospice’ only means ‘death’.  And the natural human instinct is to avoid that connection and possibility.

The reality is that hospice care is about life – living well, until the time comes when death may have to be confronted.

St Luke’s has patients whose care at home by our specialised nursing sisters, has run into years of duration.  However long, or short, the time of hospice care, patients and their families benefit totally and holistically through what we do with the help of our donors.

Nobody gets turned away. We care for patients from all walks of life, irrespective of their ethnic/religious affiliations or their ability to pay. Patients themselves, are never expected to pay for the services provided to them. Only when patients belong to a medical aid, an attempt will be made to get some payment from the medical aid itself.

What we do is mainly reliant on public donations. And you’re also invited to DONATE NOW.

Please do visit our other pages to learn more about St Luke’s and how we operate. And please also help to spread the word that hospice is primarily about ‘living’. Therefore, St Luke’s care should be sought sooner rather than later.

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