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Internews Network, now Internews, is an international non-profit organization.

Formed in 1982, Internews Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in California. It has worked in more than 70 countries and trained more than 80,000 people in media skills. It is a founding member of Internews International, an umbrella organization, based in Paris, of 30 associated non-governmental media organizations. Internews was founded by David M. Hoffman, Kim Spencer, and Evelyn Messinger.

Internews Europe is an independent media development organization, based in London, UK, and relying mainly on European funding.

In early 2015, Internews Network and Internews Europe began to integrate more closely and operate cooperatively with independent boards of directors

Since inception, Internews has worked with 4,800 radio and television stations and print publications. Internews activities include

Training. Internews trains 8-10,000 media professionals each year in journalism, production, and management. For more advanced students, Internews offers training in topics such as computer graphics, media law, and investigative journalism.

Production. To strengthen the independent media sector, Internews works with local media professionals to produce original programming. In 2008 this came to 8800 hours of television and radio programming.

Media infrastructure. Internews provides a broad range of infrastructure support to enable independent media to provide vital news and information, including providing journalists and stations with production equipment, creating production studios, and building radio stations from the ground up.

Media law and policy. To allow independent media to fulfill their “watchdog” function, Internews has worked for the adoption and implementation of fair media laws and policies in 21 countries.

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